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Not For Profit



Not-For-Profits (NFPs) can be set up under a number of different structures.  The structure that is suitable for one organisation might be unsuitable for another. Are you wanting to run a NFP for charitable purposes or a particular cause?


Your options


An unincorporated association may be a good option for a small group of people who have come together with a passion for a particular cause.  However, as they grow, they might want to look at other structures that provide greater protection and more flexibility.  Examples include charitable trusts, companies limited by guarantee and incorporated associations.  A deductible gift fund might also be an option for your organisation.  There is a myriad of factors that may need to be considered before deciding on the best structure, including size of operations, membership base, regulatory obligations, location of operations and source of funds.


Regardless of the structure chosen, it is important to carefully consider the wording in your governing documents.  The governing documents will significantly impact on whether or not you are a NFP or a Charity and whether or not you are entitled to the various tax concessions, including income tax exemptions.


Your Specialists in Not-For-Profit & Charities Sector


We are specialists in the NFP & Charities area and can guide you through the maze of establishing and registering a NFP entity.  We can also assist you with your major donors so they can give donation to you in the most tax effective way possible.  This might include the establishment of a private ancillary fund or a charitable trust..


Being a NFP or a Charity is no excuse for non-compliance with Tax Laws. The Government has signalled tightened regulation in this area, and we can help you know where you stand.  We invest heavily in ensuring our staff are up to date in all areas of Tax compliance. The Board or Management Committee or the Trustees or the Directors are finally responsible for solvency of the organisation, OH&S compliance, employee obligations, financial reporting and ensuring the stated aims of the organisation are continuing to be met.


Today’s management environment requires proper corporate governance and we can provide assistance in setting up relevant reporting structures and governance policies.  Our team of experts can also provide that extra support and assurance for your employee or volunteer bookkeeper, whether that is regular support or just some advice when needed on software, reporting, budgeting or accounting.


Mandatory Compliance


Your organisation must ensure that it complies with the various Tax laws, such as FBT, GST, Payroll Tax and WorkCover and the regular reporting requirements for Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC).  If your organisation is fortunate to be income Tax exempt, it must nevertheless meet certain requirements in order to maintain that Tax exemption. Most NFP organisations are required to be Audited or reviewed by a professional Accountant and we can assist with this as well.


An FBT exemption or rebate may be available to your organisation which can provide significant benefits via salary packaging.


We can assist in meeting your compliance obligations and to make the most of the concessions that are available.

Many NFPs and Charities source the majority of their revenue from the public by way of donations.  Our expert team can advise you on the possibility of obtaining deductible gift recipient (DGR) status for your organisation or establishing a deductible gift fund.  We undertake reviews of existing DGRs to ensure continued compliance with the gift fund requirements.

Tax accounting in the Australia concentrates on the preparation, analysis and presentation of tax payments and tax returns.